Saturday, June 12, 2010


chest tight. cant breathe. don't know what to think anymore. is this a joke? real life? how can one person possibly make you feel like there is no more air to fill your lungs. its a bittersweet set of mind, that seems will never leave your body. go away. you're not wanted. to be honest he scare's you. you tell him, just listen..."I DONT LOVE YOU". as you say to yourself, "but I do love you, don't leave." but he is just pure disaster. life goes on. its weeks later. you're drunk now, and he is gone. He is all you can think about lately. you think to yourself what have I done. your friends tell you their so happy for you. but how can they be happy when you are secretly miserable. My head is filled with silent memories floating away slowly. Open the doors, get in the car. Its the next morning you wake up with a kiss on the cheek.. he looks into your eyes he tells you "I missed you", you lay there and say "I missed you too...."

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