Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What's going on?

Hellooo hello my dear blogger readers! So I've been away a week or so. So much change has been going on for me. Literally Im pretty sure I have a whole new life right now. At least it feels that way. It's for the good though of course! I'm very happy about how things are going, and staying positive through anything honestly will get you to where you want to be. I have such high set goals for myself, and each day I take furthers me for my future that I picture! As you all know I am now a MAC Make-up artist, which I will say has been a goal of mine since I was 15. I have yet to start working there yet, had to get paper work situated. Now I am just waiting to get an employee number and I'm good to go to start and get new hours. I feel like I'm waiting for Christmas, I can't wait to just be in there and create! In other news in the mean time I decided to also try for another part- time position, only because Im currently transferring to SCAD and won't be able to start school until the winter. SOooo that brings me to my other LOVE, Fashion! I just got hired at a local boutique. It's uberly cute and I couldn't be more happy about the opportunity they have given me! OHHH and I just moved into a completely NEW apartment. Hence why I was gone so much, you could say the last couple of weeks have been very stressful, between finding another job, transferring schools, and trying to find a new home. PHEW glad it's all almost figured out. Well with that concluded I leave you my lovely friends hoping you all have a great rest of the week! It's hump day tomorrow, were all ready for this weekend I can tell already :P 

- Xox Miss Bee
Some photos from the past couple of weeks. I promise my next entry will be a little more mind gripping. hehe...ENJOY!

- Joined my father in a golf game, It had been a while since I had played. I loved it though, quality father and daughter time and I got to play golf, it relaxes me.

-Gigi's cupcakes. Enough said, the yummiest thing ever!

- Attended warped tour, Only to see some good friends of ours. Our friends are in the band There For Tomorrow. They recently just came out with a new album called THE VERGE, I suggest everyone go give it a listen, its quality stuff :) and it helps that they are great people and friends!

- Painting the new place! Its so cute, can't wait to share some photos of the finish product!

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