Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lately I've...

Latelyyyy I'veeee.....

Took far way to many pictures of myself on the way to work. What else is there to do in traffic??

worn a silver fun smokey eye <3

took more pictures...

wore some rad Ray Bans <3

worn a smokey eye with browns. Loveee!

we out and explored my surroundsings a bit...ended up at Landmark diner?

ate delicious Ice Cream, on another date night with my bestfriend Brittany! We were Ben & Jerry Virgins :O

wore a braid :)

yelled at my kitten to get out of the sink! But then decided she was too cute, and took photos instead.

got my school schedule put together finally!

cleaned and organized my room!

finished painting in the living room

decorated our foyer

drank my favoriteeee drink 

oh and also enjoyed an Adios Mother F****r and sang some rad karaoke for my Roomies 23rd birthday!

It's been a wonderful past couple of days, filled with nothing much more then work, gym, friends, and boringness! Im thankful for it all and wouldn't have it any other way. Until next time! Chow <3

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