Sunday, September 25, 2011


So recently I've been rather budy, but goood busy! Hanging out with friends, celebration birthdays, singing karaoke, babysitting! And yes I enjoyed every bit of of course, you know I must share with you some of the lovely snaps I've took over the past 2 weeks. enjoy!

First I bring you Birthday festivities: Karaoke style!

My lovely Roomate Jenn, It was her birthday!


Jenn singing her heart out.

Cute couples...1..2...3...GO!

TOLD YOU, cute couple overload!

then there's Dean..haha

Me and my new wonderful friend Lihn!

Dolce Crew & Jenn!

Jenn and I! Roomie love <3

Rest of my week I spent quality time with some of my bestfriends who came to visit all the way from California. I always love seeing them, and love them dearly!

Lovely Friend Sandy From LA, CALI

Meet Nala, she is crazy don't let the cute face trick you.

My lovely Bestfriends Sandy and Tabitha! ( These are the two visiting from california <3)

Mini Miller Lights!

My awesome friend Hiliary!

Another Cute Couple!

Girls will be girls haha.

Fell in LOVE with this shirt :P

The cutest kids EVER. They are so good and sweet foreal!

Play time at Jumping Jelly Beans!

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