Friday, February 10, 2012


Sitting here catching up on some glee. This show is so goood haha there I said it. I can't deny it. Also yesterday while cruising through my on demand I go to look under the MTV channel and then I see vintage MTV. Im all like this sounds super cool, lets see what they have. Oh wowwww it's Laguna beach reruns! Way to make a girl feel old MTV. Thats not even old though? How old am I again? Best part I cruise on down even more and I see..jaw drop. "Life of Ryan." I about fell out of my chair, I know I'm cheesy and lame but this use to be one of my favorite shows along with laguna back in the day. Beside all the crying and all it was a great show especially for any kid going through a divorce. This is all sort of kind of one big rant. The point is time flies by and were not getting any younger. Do something new todayyyy, or tomorrow. Just try something new with me. Or even better valentines is coming up make sure to tell your love ones how much you care about them and appreciate any time you have with them. I hope you all have a beautiful day! Im off to work all weekend, is it weird that Im excited about it though. I love my job :) - XOX BEE

PS. If you really do love glee and cute clothes Forever 21 has a great line of shirts out right now of all the characters! They actually are super cute (Shirt above is one of them!)

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