Sunday, February 12, 2012

Grammys 2012

The Grammys are always a great show. I think I missed it this year..I was watching The Adele's ;) LOVE HER! Now for some of my favorite fashion and Makeup Looks!

First off The Queen of the night, wore amazing black gowns. You can never go wrong with black. And I die for her classic red lip look. she looked beautiful who ever was her makeup artist props, but already such a beautiful women her self!

Of course My husband Bruno has to be somewhere in this. I wish he would have won at least one. He looked greatttt in my book though and his performance ruled.

Might be a little odd with all her crazy hair lately but Im a huge fan of Katy Perry and I personally think she makes any color look hott. I love her gown as well, such a pretty color to pull in with her awesome blue up do! I also loved her makeup, it was simple a thick eyeliner lined, lashes, and the pastel pink lip shade! Nice Katy! Her performance was great as well, Loving the new jam. Definitely a stab at Russel I'm thinking.

Carrie, Beautiful as always, just like her voice!

Rhianna is always doing something fun as well but Im reallly really loving this classic look with her golden hair. She loooks good, her makeup was natural with liners all around the eyes. It really brings out her beautiful eyes! Her performance wasn't to shabby as well.

Kelly is someone I wouldn't have thought would be on my list of looks I liked from the grammys. I just think she looked gorgeous. I loveddd her makeup look as well, the light pastel pinks are in forsure. The pastel purple hair as well. Wish I could pull something like this off!

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. I thought the gown was beautiful. I love sparkle in just about anything and she really pulled thies dress off with her petite figure. I thought she looked beautiful as always. She also definitely killed it on the stage, one of her better performances I've seen.

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