Sunday, May 27, 2012

Make-up Monday

So I'm sorry I've been M.i.a!! School and work seems to get the best of me, but I'm back with sooooo many wonderful things to share with yall through out the weeks to come! To start the week out right I'm sharing with y'all the makeup Monday look of the day. As you all know I work for MAC Cosmetics so anytime there is a new collection of course I must share with you all. I'm so in love with the most recent nautical theme "Hey, Sailor!" collection. Personally I have any obsession with anything sailor so when I found out we were actually getting a sailor themed collection my heart I'm sure skipped a beat out of pure excitement! I always look forward to see where MAC's creative side comes out from the looks, colors, product and even the makeup casing and packaging! They so nailed it with the fun blue and white stripes and the hints of gold. Not only did they nail it with that they have came out with some great colors and perfect summer shades for everyone. Below is images from the collection campaign. Indulge your eyes in the beauty and let me know what y'all think about the collection. Remember to always have fun with makeup, I always say there are NO rules in makeup it's a form of art. Express yourself! Have a beautiful day!! Xo- Bee

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