Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thirsty Thursday?

Ohhh the days and nights of drinking delicious amounts of alcohol! Who are we kidding...its not stopping until I graduate. Haha... even though that will still be happening I have officially decided to retire THIRSTY THURSDAY. It was a great run, but with the new year I feel a bit of change is needed. I wanted something a bit exciting to hold my readers attention..and well my own attention as well. "Well Bianca what will take its place?" you may ask. I havent 100 percent made my mind up really. I have some Ideas brewing. So for today if any of you have suggestion feel free to leave your ideas :) My top pick right now is Thats cute Thursday. Sounds cheesy, but it gives me a reason to post insanely cute picture of kittens. Sooo enjoy for the time being haha <3 p="p">

you're welcome :)

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