Monday, July 8, 2013

Makeup Monday

I've missed you my dear makeup Monday! I'v been out of the country and living a crazy busy life the past couple of months and have been able to do what I love and post as much as I'd like. With my new job transfer (still with MAC) and an awesome school schedule that allows me to work from home Im excited to say ill have LOTS of time to keep you all updated on Beauty, Fashion, Music, hot new items, and of course my daily thoughts and life. Im excited to be back and look forward for many post ahead!

Of course you can't have a good start of the week without a little Makeup Monday! You all know I love my MAC dearly and can't tell you an earful of any product suggestion, which I will always keep doing. Today I want to mix things up, I recently just got back from being out of the country where I was introduced to a brand called Kiki in Venice, Italy. I was thoroughly pleased with the quality of makeup, the prices, and the neat and different product ideas they provided. Unfortunately I had to come home and find out that it is only available for purchase over seas. So today I'll share some of my Kiko items I purchased and alternative items we all can buy in America!

1) I fell in love with this ultra moisturizing, lightweight, kissable "kiss balm". I use it everyday for the perfect tint of color and to provide the moisture my lips need to be oh so kissable. :p I would compare this product to the Maybelline Baby lips! Pick up your perfect shade of pink and get the same tinted, kissable, lightweight effect for a daily summer look that will go with everything!

2) I don't know about you but when it comes to wearing foundation in the summer I am very miminal about what product and how much product I put on my face. With the new all in 1 BB creams that came out, you can't go wrong. A tinted lightweight foundation that works as a primer, moisturizer, foundation, and even provides SPF to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. I fell in love with Kiko's BB cream, and even though their price is hard to beat I wanted to share that MAC's BB cream works wonders and should be in everyones makeup bag year round. Not to mention there will be color extensions for MAC's popular creams this coming up fall. How exciting!

3) You can't ever go wrong having a good bronzer! Gives you a sun kissed look with out even having to be out in the sun! Try MACs Mineralize skinfinish in Sun power. Buying a good bronzer will benefit in longevity and application!

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