Wednesday, June 9, 2010

shadows can be a black plague

She's a feisty one. (referring to photo, my lovely cat MEOW)....hmm.. shouldn't we all be a little feisty though. Seems to me now and days people like to hide in the shadows and not face the real world out there. things are to easy, its scary.. we can basically do everything with a push of a button. What do you think George washington would have said if held an iphone back in the day.. he'd probably have an anxiety attack thinking he had been attacked by alien...if they even knew what alien creatures were. All im saying is don't take the easy road.. live for youre self and conquer all the dreams you have ever hoped for. It wont be easy but everything will fall into place. And those days when you know you have to fight for what you believe in and be a tad bit "feisty" don't hide in those shadows stand out like a barbie in the ghetto.

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