Thursday, August 18, 2011

Busy Week

This week has been hectic, and well this weekend is going to be even more packed. No complaints. I rather stay busy then be completely bored...sometimes! HA well here are some photos of the fun I did have <3
House warming parties, and Hanging with wonderful friends.

New shoot with Eryn Woods. I'll have some photos soon :)

Roaming buckhead. My new hometown.

nothing gives me giggles like seeing a dog in a sponge bob party hat. haha

OH and grown boys who buy 3 year old girls giant nerf guns! haha

This dayyy, hmmm Starting here it was great. First shopping for new princess attire ;)

Then me and my lovely bestfriend brittany sought out on an adventure....

We had a little to much fun. 

and some how we ended up at Giorgios. A restaurant owned by a bachelor, who had some other bachelor friends who then we decided to take a picture with. haha but for real. It was a wonderful time, I love adventure dates with my bestfriend and not to mention the food was mighty tasty and the guys were super nice.
Oh and then after.... we went to Karaoke at the local. 

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