Sunday, August 21, 2011

Makeup Monday

Hello Lovelys. Today I bring you some foundation knowledge :)
Saturday was my first day working at MAC Cosmetics. Time flew by working there, I was having so much fun doing what I love. I learned a thing or two about lots of the products MAC has to offer and one of the most important things that I want to share with everyone is Foundation matching! Only because I notice from working there Saturday, that was the most bought and number one thing people came in asking about! Its huge to make sure you are using the correct product for your face. Not what your friend uses, because listen and your friend may have totally different skin types and colors!

**1st things first you want to decided what kind Of coverage you want to have....
SHEER COVERAGE: Is just how it sounds, Its very light and gives a little coverage to the skin still showing any freckles you may have or beauty marks you still want to show.

MEDIUM COVERAGE: Still pretty natural, but is better for coverage for any blemishes or redness or discoloration. Evens you out I'd say :)

FULL COVERAGE: Again how it sounds. This is going to cover fully. Helps with scars, imperfection marks and conceals anything you would want to conceal.

**NEXTTTT you want to acknowledge what skin type you may have....Picking between DRY SKIN, OILY SKIN, or NORMAL SKIN.

With DRY SKIN, It is better to use a product that is not going to cause your face to dry out even more, Its best for you to use a Liquid form of foundation. One of my favorites from MAC is the Studio Fix Liquid spf 15

With OILY SKIN you are going to want to go with a product that has more oil control, and most likely have a matte finish to it.

NORMAL SKIN, Lucky you. you can pick which best fits your lifestyle because either should look and work well with your skin.

**** Final step is going to be for you to find out what shade best fits your skin color! MAC Cosmetics has a huge variety to pick from when it comes to this. Starting from light to deep dark. If you seem to have trouble knowing which is actually best for you. Go to any MAC counter and trust me they would love to help you with this and any of the other steps if you are unsure!

Hope this helps yall out a little. And HEY it does not have to be a MAC product. There are plenty of other foundations out there that work great and can be bought at drug stores or any of your local beauty supply stores :) Of course, I say MAC is the way to go because you can't deny their outstanding products! Have a fabulous Monday <3

xo- Miss BEE

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