Monday, September 12, 2011

Tunes Tuesday

How do you sleep? Well me personally its a MUST for my "Sleep" Music to be playing. Idk what it is, maybe the love I have for music. I go to sleep listening to it, and I wake up and immediately put some tunes on. It completes me :P haha but honestly going to sleep with Music is a greattt way to relax the mind and help all you insomniacs to get some SLEEP! So for this special Tunes Tuesday, and the onlyyyy reason Im saying it's a special day is becauseee it also happens to be my lovely roomate Jennifers Birthday, the big 2-3!!! HAPPPPY BIRTHDAYYY JENN!!! I will tell you this one thing though, we wont be doing much sleeping tonight, more so celebration Karaoke style! So to come hehe OK OK, back to what I was saying, Music and getting some rest are wonderful. SOOOO Today I will be sharing MY top 5 most played "Sleep" songs on my current playlist!! Then the following week Ill continue, with the next top 5!! Hope you all enjoy some of them, and maybe this will inspire you to create your very own playlist!! Have a gorgeous Tuesday! Loveeeee, Bee

1. Strange & Beautiful By: Aqualung

2. Jigsaw Falling in to place By: Radiohead

3. The district sleeps alone Tonight By: The Postal Service

4. The Grey Man By: Copeland

5. Warning Signs By: Coldplay

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